Software in cars February 10, 2018

We’re not limited to mobile applications, web applications and everything in between. We also step out of this zone and develop software for microcontrollers. One of our own projects is trying to¬†reverse engineer existing systems, and utilizing them to make the car safer, and more modern.

Padfone Club February 10, 2018

Back in 2012 Asus released their than new Padfone series phones. Apart from their own websites, information about this device was scares. So we decided to start our own community website to support people who want to buy, or already own this device. Within 3 months this website became the one and only trusted source on the world wide web. Unfortunately the Asus Padfone series has stopped, which meant the downfall of the community as well. But if the Padfone…

Smartwatch Market February 10, 2018

When working for the start-up Omate, we saw an opportunity to resell their smartwatches on the European market. But one smartwatch wasn’t going to do it. So we started building a network of different manufacturers, which lead to a successful webshop.

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